What's Shayoo?

    Shayoo Software development Co., Ltd. is a deepening technology enterprise, engaged in the intelligence. It is intelligence-centric and mainly covers the business of computer software, EOS, intelligent network project, computer hardware (accessories), electronic intelligent equipments, intelligent communication etc.

    Slogan: Shayoo technology drives new life!

    It implies that our hardware-software-combined products make manufacture and management, as well as your personal life more efficient, convenient and enjoyable. The intelligence of deepening technology can bring you unimaginable contrast effect just like that of the contrast between your cellphone and ancient posthouse, dreamlike but real.

    Tenet: Freedom, Communication, Creativity.

    Freedom: Give full play to your imagination. We make your thinking come true. The free-style products will bring further freedom and liberation to your job, life and operation. The internal freedom shows in the company management and the working staff’s value orientation. Our operation and management are not limited to certain patterns, neither does the member’s working style. Centered on work, we will always keep characteristic of our own and creat freely as Google does. Free to work, communicate and creat!

    Communication: We will try our best to provide any possible platforms to communicate with the customer. Our internal and external communication is strengthened by working in different panels. Communication is the extension of freedom.

    Creativity: We will offer creative work to the customers and markets. Our final demand to the staff is to work creatively and efficiently. In a word, the combination of freedom and communication break out into creativity, Creativity lies in freedom and communication.

    Corporation Culture & value Orientation: Centered on “Freedom” and “Creativity”, the working staff develops their imagination freely and makes free work, communication and creation. The freedom is based on mutual respect and communication. The working staff can keep their personal habits and dressing style, but no interruption to others is allowed. The creation should not be judged by school records, qualification, age, pattern and history, but by ability. And the achievement should be valued according to the requirements of market and customer. Therefore, just like sinicized Saloon culture, our company’s external value is reflected in honesty, cooperation, equality and reappearance of every customer’s need.

    Explanation of our name: The shark represents efficiency, power and no bothering about trifles. The “small” in the front means we are always pursuing the “large”. We will make sustainable development, stick to the practicism, emphasize details and keep vitality. Also “鲨鱼” has a similar pronunciation to Shayoo.

     The products characteristics extended from Shayoo culture: Following “freedom”, our products expands to hardware, software and consumption technology, therefore, our products are customizable and characteristic, have high degree of independent property right technology, guaranteed after-sales service, high creativity. Through “creativity”, we can program such computer language as CVCVBDELPHIJAVAASMLINUX etc. We are always trying to create the products that can totally satisfy customer’s need, but not blindly following fashion language. We have a few independent property rights in such areas of basic control of interface between industry and consumption equipments, cross platform super network, intelligent software construction etc. Our technology follows intelligence, without being limited to low level, high level or any platform.

    Web Design

    Founded on years of experience and an incredibly unhealthy intake of coffee beans, Shayoo is one of the leading web design and development firms in the Miami area. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver websites that aren't just pretty pictures on a computer screen, but fully functional applications that can help your organization grow and prosper.

    We can make the pretty pictures too - just in case you were wondering.

    Growth: Our business has grown from being a design oriented firm to being a leader in developing robust data-driven websites that can power any industry's needs - from pharmaceuticals and real estate to online auctions and automotive wheels. We provide solutions for business automation, corporate branding, print and on-line advertising, and ecommerce applications. Our custom websites are tailored to work for your business, designed to fit with your visual needs and engineered to deliver your results.

    We at Shayoo believe in the simple life and running your system shouldn't be a difficult task. Our team aims to provide your firm with the adequate automation and simplicity that allows you to focus your time managing your business - not your website. 

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